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 2014 Supervisor Survey  

1.  Please describe briefly how  you understand the role of supervisor, including what role public opinion should play in your decision making.

ALVINE:  A supervisor should provide leadership to county as a  whole, be a good steward of county resources and encourage collaboration and cooperation of county, state and local entities as needed to solve problems.

DAVIS:  Set policies, listen to people of district, listen to the department heads and county

MILLER:  The board of supervisors serves as the governing body of county government, to perform any function to protect and preserve the rights, privileges, and properties of its residents or county, as to its limitations of power.  The board has the characteristics of each of the three branches of government; appointing people, passing resolutions and ordinances, and imposing fines.  I believe careful consideration is critical in making these decisions.  The board is also the business manager for county government, it plays a major role in county taxation and finance, and construction and maintenance of the county road system.

Public opinion will always play a major role in my decisions, which will be based on the MAJORITY of public opinion, as long as those opinions do not violate the Constitution  for the Principle of Divine Law.  My decisions will NOT be based on what "I think" is the for the "greater good of the people".

YOUNG:  Oversee the county budget and operation of the non-elected departments.  Attend multiple meetings at which the county needs representation.  I think the supervisors should listen to the people.

2  In your opinion, what is the biggest problem facing the county today?

ALVINE:  Need for economic growth

DAVIS:  Keeping spending under control.

MILLER:  The biggest problem I see is the condition of our gravel roads and the funding to keep them in great condition.  While increased usage is taking its toll on our gravel roads, more economical mileage vehicles are providing fewer funds for road maintenance.

YOUNG:  Roads and bridges, although this could change at any time with a disaster.

3.  What is the biggest asset you would bring to the position?

ALVINE:  Extensive leadership experience, management experience in small and large organizations, budgetary skills, ability to understand and apply state and federal guidelines, communication skills.

DAVIS:  Six years of experience on Crawfordsville City council, life long resident of Washington County, a clear mind to serve the people of the district and county.

MILLER:  Believing our biggest problem to be the condition of our gravel roads,  I hope to work with departments to bring new ideas (for Washington County) to the table on gravel road maintenance, saving millions of dollars over time.  Borrowing millions of dollars and increasing the fuel tax should truly be our last options.  I believe open minds working together can solve some of these problems.

YOUNG:  Listening to the people to make an informed decision when voting and not being afraid to voice an opinion.

4.  If forced to make significant cuts in the county budget, how would you do so?  Please be as detailed as possible.

ALVINE:  Apply analytical skills to determine feasibility of new or existing programs, cost benefit analysis, collaborate with other county leaders to determine the best course of action.

DAVIS:  Look at areas that are high, talk to department heads

MILLER:  Each department in the county has a department head.  They are elected or appointed to that position because the people or someone thought they were capable of managing that department.  Therefore, if significant cuts were needed, I would ask each department head to determine where their reductions could be made and work with them to accomplish our goals.  In other words, I would make across the board cuts.  If we are to keep our county in great condition financially, I believe people in management positions need to be responsible and act accordingly when tough decisions need to be made.  

YOUNG:  Only way to answer this question is if you know what was going to need cut and how much need to cut from the budget.

5.  In your opinion, what circumstances (if any) would justify the adoption of county zoning?

ALVINE:  None at this time

DAVIS:  Majority of district would want it

MILLER:  In my humble opinion, NONE!

YOUNG:  Nothing